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Beta test for 3TS Roleplaying System

Everyone that is interested in beta testing should click the contact us button so I can get your email. I will answer any questions you send as long as it doesn't involve releasing sensitive product information.

The Tripple Tally System -or (3TS) as I call it- is a unique system for Table Top Roleplaying. Unlike most roleplaying games that have only level-ups to increase a characters abilities, my system also increases each stat as you use that particular stat with a simple tally based system. Though it also includes level-ups they are gained with tallies as well. This is to keep a traditional RPG feel while also being unique.

The first setting for 3TS is a Zombie Apocalypse setting called Dead Supremacy. Others to come are Traditional Fantasy, Science Fiction, and a modern day crime setting.

I am also looking for artists and writers for the V1 Beta Book.